50 such benefits of Tulsi that you will be stunned to know | Benefit of Basil Leaves

Tulsi benefits

Do you know the benefits of basil have been done, if yes, it is a good thing, and if your answer is no, then today we will talk about the benefits of basil, and will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of basil. In.

Our ancestors have been using Tulsi for many years. We will definitely use Tulsi even further. Because when you come to know about the benefits of Tulsi, you will not be able to live without using it.

Tulsi is called the queen of medicines. Many chemical elements are found in its leaves and flowers, which provide relief in many diseases. Due to change in weather, due to ill health, taking medicine reduces fever but cough and phlegm persist for a long time. In such a situation, the home remedy of Tulsi gives immediate relief.

If you consume Tulsi daily during the rainy season. So you can get rid of problems like seasonal fever.

Get Rid of Skin Infection

If you have any kind of skin infection, then make a paste of basil leaves with gram flour and apply it on the skin, it will benefit you a lot.

Urination comes open with the use of Tulsi, which also helps in clearing the kidneys. If there is a small stone in the kidney, then adding basil juice to honey and taking it daily for four to five months will remove stones from the path of urine.

Swallowing of fresh Tulsi leaves in the morning daily strengthens the immune system and we do not fall ill soon. Stomach disease ends.

It is a natural mouth freshener. Boil the leaves of Tulsi and rinse with it, the bad odor of the mouth will end forever.

Juice of Tulsi leaves is beneficial when the skin burns.

Applying the juice of basil leaves with lemon juice increases the glow of the face. And your face feels like a little bit of a feeding. Because of which you also feel very good.

If someone has a problem of white stains, then adding basil juice to coconut oil, this problem is overcome.

Boil 5-7 basil leaves in a cup of water to get relief from fever and cold. Then filter it and drink it twice a day. This will eliminate fever and cold problems.

Tulsi is extremely beneficial in asthma

Tulsi is extremely beneficial in asthma. Regular intake of Tulsi does not cause asthma, because it prevents the bacteria responsible for the disease from growing, in the Charaka Samhita, Tulsi has been described as a medicine for asthma.

Seasonal fever that occurs frequently by taking Tulsi and Soth is cured.

In winter, grind some leaves of Tulsi, a little pepper and some almonds and grind them all and drink in a glass of water with 2 teaspoons of honey, all types of heart diseases are likely to be cured.

If you have irritation or swelling in your eyes, then extract of Tulsi can prove very effective in it.

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