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Stress reduction method

Stress management - After falling ill, people look as serious as they want for treatment. If your own partner is already a little alert, then do not come like this. We all know that stress alone is the cause of many diseases. Nevertheless, we keep ignoring it.

By which we knowingly promote it unknowingly. Most working people fall prey to this. Today, with the help of experts, we are giving some easy natural remedies for such people. Whose daily use can keep away the pain and stress in your life.

Since childhood we have been reading that our body is a machine. Just like a machine needs maintenance. Similarly, the body also needs maintenance. But often we ignore the basic needs of our body.

The basic needs of the body are - food, water and sleep. That means eating on time, drinking 12 to 15 glasses of water and getting 8 hours of sleep. Often people are unable to complete them under pressure of less. The main four problems arise in low qazi people - acidity, diabetes, stress, spondylitis.


In this disease, the gap in the case of the spinal cord either increases or decreases in the middle of the case, due to this there is stiffness and severe pain on the back side. This disease is mainly of two types - Cervical (in the neck) Pain), lumbar (back pain)

Cervical: The reason for doing so long is due to working on the computer. Bending at the same position and looking at the screen.

Treatment: Use low-altitude pillows. Sitting upright while working at the computer. Do not tilt the neck down. After awhile, get up and move around. For the comfort of the eyes, wash the eyes and fill the mouth with water.

General exercise

Tighten the arms by straining them forward and then taking the back of the head, give the medicine forward and the head backwards. Do the same from now on.

Second exercise

Turn the head slowly side by side. Then lift it upwards, but do not bring it down.

Lamber: The problem is caused by sitting with legs folded in the wrong way, such as sitting behind the legs like scissors. This leads to back pain. This is more for the office worker.

Symptoms: Back Pain There is pain sifting in this as well, but in this the pain shifts in the lower back.

the treatment

In this, doctors recommend spinal rotations. Lie on your back. Bend the knees and hips. Now move both knees together in both directions alternately. Now such chairs are also available which helps in sitting in the right posture.

Stress is a major problem in working people. This alone causes many diseases. It acts as a catalyst for other diseases. That is, if there is heart disease, it increases it. Here are some natural and easy remedies to reduce stress and stay healthy.By including them in the routine, stress and diseases can be kept away without medication.


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