Naturopathy is helpful in recovering from TB | AYURVEDIC TREATMENT TUBERCULOSIS

Ayurvedic Tuberculosis Treatment

Tuberculosis - TB is usually associated with lung disease, but TB can occur anywhere in bones, joints, throat, eyes, skin. Tuberculosis means chronic infection, that is, someone gets a very chronic infection, just gets stuck, becomes a germ, that organ gets damaged. Naturopathy is also very helpful in the treatment of this disease.

In the case of TB in the lungs, it is usually administered with medicines or ignorant is not treated. Many times or worsens bronchial asthma and then asthma.

If treatment of asthma is not done properly, the mucus gets spread in the barbell tube and germs get into it. This causes 40–50% of the lung function. This causes lung tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis Symptoms

In TB of the lungs, it becomes difficult for the patient to breathe due to mucus deposited in the throat, chest, it becomes difficult to move, body aches, weakness remains, weight starts to fall, fever comes again and again. The situation also becomes fatal.

Reason of Tuberculosis

Hygiene deficiency is the main reason for TB. Second, lack of awareness. Commonly cold, fever, fever and body ache are ignored. Due to inability to diagnose properly, there is no proper treatment and the infection grows inside.

Tuberculosis treatment

For the treatment of TB in Naturopathy, it is first seen in which stage TB is. Treatment and medicine are adopted on this basis.

Sun bath and Mud therapy

The patient is given a sun bath lying in the sun. Then hot item therapy is given. Charged soil is taken from the sun rays with medicinal properties, in which cloves, dry ginger, camphor and cinnamon are added. This soil is lightly heated in a pan and applied to the forehead, abdomen and chest, covering the blanket with a blanket. This cures tuberculosis fever and provides relief.

Rectification procedure

If tuberculosis is in the early stages, then resection is done to remove the infection. This is called detoxification. For this, Kunjal or Water Process is performed.

In this, lukewarm water is poured from one side of the nose and is extracted from the other side. This clears the nose dirt. Apart from this, the regular practice of cloth bandage action removes all the Cough, back and inside the lungs. If the patient is unable to do this, then it is advised to drink lukewarm water several times a day.

Steam Bath

Steam therapy is also helpful in eliminating the infection-causing bacteria present in the mucus. This process removes chronic dry cough, infections and fever. TB also cures from the root in 1 to 3 months.

Half Foot Bath

The patient is asked to sit on a stool or plinth in a big tab filled with lukewarm water and soak the feet in water from the ankle up to the calf. It is covered with a large sheet from head to feet in such a way that the entire body is compacted with steam. Half-foot bath creates heat in the body and relieves colds.


By doing pranayam daily, the dirt of blood, lungs, stomach or body dirt comes out slowly through breath. You are able to take 5 to 10 times more pure air than Pranayam and the oxygen level in the blood also increases.

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